Advanced Automated Manufacturing Centre (AAMC)


GreenBuild Systems Ltd (“GBS”) is a privately owned technology company established in 2017 and operates within the Advanced Manufacturing sector. Its core specialism is in the field of digital and smart construction methods.

GBS is seeking to establish its Advanced Automated Manufacturing Centre (AAMC) for the production of Advanced CF-SIP units. The AAMC will be the first of a network of ten factories planned across the UK over the next 3-5 years.

GBS’s Advanced CF-SIP units involve methods of construction that are both certified by the UK Government and considered to be fundamental to energy efficient construction in the future. This is more so due to the rise of Passivhaus standard projects. RDC units will be uniquely combined with composites and fiberglass to form an advanced eco-product, ensuring that the standard meets
new EU Directives requiring improved energy efficient buildings by 2020 (Article 9, EPBD) and also voluntary energy efficient standards such as Passivhaus.


The RDC Enterprise Investment Scheme

  • Single company EIS
  • HMRC advanced assurance confirmed
  • Target return of x3.59 on investment based on the projected value of company having been a going concern for 3 years (not guaranteed).
  • Tax Reliefs - Income Tax rebates of 30%; capital gains tax exemptions; capital gains tax and inheritance tax deferral; loss reliefs. EIS tax reliefs are subject to your investment being held for at least a 3-year period.
  • EIS investments should be considered as a medium-term or long-term investment
  • Minimum Investment: GBP £6,000

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