Swan Group is a nationwide organisation which specialises in the development and active management of affordable real estate within the UK – in particular, the affordable housing sector.  Swan Group has entered into exclusivity agreements with one of the UK’s largest government-backed housing associations, effectively building to plan their specific requirements whilst ensuring an exit strategy prior to development.

Its model is dependent on a turnkey demand basis. Contracts and agreements are entered into with a housing association prior to development and Swan Group in turn receives phased payments during development works with a guaranteed exit strategy upon completion. This provides Swan Group a level of certainty and liquidity not normally associated with property investments.

Swan Group receives funding for its projects via diverse routes to market and institutional sources from across the UK and International financial sectors. It focuses on future growth and capital appreciation potential more than immediate initial yield.

Swan Group is a land and property developer of the highest quality with a market recognised reputation. With headquarters in Glasgow along with its established partnerships with Industry recognised professionals, financial institutions, and private equity partners, Swan Group is rapidly establishing itself as a market leader in converting its plans, needs and ideas into property.


  • Product:  SWAN ISA
  • Via the Swan ISA, this gives you access to the Swan Real Estate PLC 6.25% Bond.
  • Term:   3 years
  •  Minimum investment or transfer:  GBP  £5,000    

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